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Marijuana and the Fat Man

  • July 27th, 2014
  • dui lawyer
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  • “Operation Summer Shield” is to help lower crime in Florida.
  • Deputies spot a large man not wearing seat belt.
  • What does a good cop do? Pulls him over.
  • Passenger, who weighs about 450, says he’s too big for seat belt
  • But there is a reason he is a little wider than normal.
  • Drug detecting K-9 discovers marijuana…
  • 23 grams…
  • Under the man’s fat roll on his stomach!!
  • Also found cocaine
  • $7-thousand dollars in a tube sock…
  • And a semi-automatic weapon
  • Both men arrested
  • Now this wont help his jail cred …in addition to the marijuana charge – the fat man was also cited for not wearing seat-belt!

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