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If It Ain’t Broke… We’ll Break It

  • July 1st, 2014
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• Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University brought their driverless car to DC
• They wanted members of Congress to give it a spin
• That’s where the problems begin…no surprise!
• Congress broke the car
• Not clear who flipped the emergency switch…
• Could have been the proximity to the Capitol…
• Or a member of congress.
• Within hours of hitting the streets in DC, the self-driving Cadillac was kaput
• In true Washington fashion – no one took responsibility
• The press was there. One headline read – Rudderless Congress breaks driverless car
• To try and save the event, one Congressman said “I want other members of Congress to be able to ride in the vehicle, because I think it’s so important to see the technology in action,” Yea, that would be nice.

The whole story: http://news.yahoo.com/rudderless-congress-breaks-driverless-car-230742682.html

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